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sestdiena, 2011. gada 16. aprīlis

Crazyhouse, Bughouse, Suicide chess with Sjeng in browser

For fun and entertainment: jsSjeng - a javascript port of professional Sjeng engine, known as multi-variants chess playing program. Play standard chess, Crazyhouse (1 board,drop captured pieces), Bughouse (2 boards crazyhouse), Suicide (should lose all pieces), Losers and Giveaway (type of suicide) in browser (Chrome+++,Firefox,Safari,IE--) with a program. Sorry, no opponents there. Can have lone fun and training.

Sjeng's javascript console.

4 komentāri:

  1. Please, could you post a link to a zip file or something like that of this project?, because "save as" from browser (all of them) just dont work properly later. Thanks and great work!

  2. It doesn't work "properly" after SaveAs. Of course, all the javascript code is accessible for programming purposes anyway. Sorry. Don't waste time.
    This version doesn't uses HTML-messaging functions, for trying to save as whole web-page.

  3. I have grab your code from web and it works. also noticed a loop consumes cpu trying to display board every sec. you can stop display if "mlist" is still same so it wont try to display at html.

    1. It is Sjeng code of 3 other players that uses much CPU in background (click on names and get consoles showing calculations).
      Redraw is on the move and it can't be slow anyway because the browser caches images once loaded.