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pirmdiena, 2011. gada 14. februāris

LÖVE 2D Lua chess

Lua chess project for Barbies

Developed using LÖVE 2D platform;

On Windows: there is a complete setup program - just download (4Mb) and start it.

Possible, but without setup -
uncool right now:
On MacOS: *install Lua and LÖVE, download chess.love file (btw. Ubuntu compatible), open it by dropping on LÖVE
and should work.

*chess engine requires module "bit" for Lua bitwise operators, which possibly isn't included in standard Lua. Then a library like BitOp should be installed manually in LÖVE folder. For Windows required dll is included in the installation above.

Chess code is GarboChess ported to Lua.

Simple user interface.
Plays normal chess, not a silliness.

For some coding reasons:
lua-sources will be inside the folder after installation (or open it as a zip-archive).

3 komentāri:

  1. Your app is ported to Creative Zen X-Fi2.at:

    The ChessX07.zip can be renamed to ChessX07.love and be run i with [some promt...] love ChessX07.love

  2. xexe
    I don't know reasons why lua has no built-in bitwise operations. I remember, my idea was to make c extension for lua to get 64-bit operators working, than strong chess engines could be ported. Don't know anymore. Now should think about WoW lua programming at first.
    By the way, maybe chess code Fruit is lua-stronger :). I have not tested for chess strength.

  3. "Chessforeva

    Lua chess project for Barbies"

    Made my day :D