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svētdiena, 2010. gada 19. decembris

Universal function for chess openings

Have made a short javascript code as an alternative to opening databases.

More about: Why and for what.

Used it for 3D-chess Shiva project,
compiled into Lua script for WebPlayer.

Also used for python Blender game engine samples.

Javascript demo of .js libraries: 5Kb, 15Kb, 30Kb, 200Kb, 800Kb

Some notes about possible tricks:
  • e2e4 can be encoded in 2 binary bytes if programming language supports;
  • data are constant, created just once as the result of long computational process;
  • if You can access web/or network/or files then do it, this is for no-ways;
  • no values for 1.a2a3, 1.h2h4 cases, covers most used variants only.

Very shortened sample of usage:

Another library link2»

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