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trešdiena, 2010. gada 1. decembris

ShiVa 3D chess project

Web Player version
(plugin installation requred)
Just a visual demo with no chess engine.

Another 3D project, now by using free version of ShiVa.

For a bit serious chess, zipped windows version for downloading is here, integrated with the Stockfish chess engine - just a normal chess version.

Disclaimer: this code is a bit buggy in some cases. No time for perfection, sorry. Aimed for impressions, not working code this time...

The source of this project. Download, unzip and open the project. No limitations set by author.

Some notes about ShiVa.

Also large and powerful 3D software development platform. Lua as the scripting language. Export to MS Studio Express c++ project with one click. Of course, cross-platform developments for mobiles, iphones, all types of computers, web browser, etc. There is plugin system (can use from lua directly) for advanced c++ developers, but not for free and isn't used for this "Hello World" type project. Good editor tool, some structured help, a bit forum & community. Can create 3D worlds, limited by laziness only. Unique, but good.
By the way, as most chess engines are developed in c++, good chess engine plugin for shiva is really possible.

Also have done some work on PGN, FEN support in lua-scripts, use it for Your projects.
Of course, lua function will find next chess moves possible in given position...
The c0_chess.lua code outputs this for Lua 5.1 compiler.
Possible usage: WarCraft, StarCraft, Lua (www.lua.org) based chess projects, other...

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