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otrdiena, 2009. gada 13. oktobris

3D chess diagram from FEN

Put this code in HTML section of Your blog and adjust FEN for Your position:

<iframe src="http://chessforeva.appspot.com/C0_dg.htm?fen=2r3k1/P2R1p1p/2r1p1pP/8/5P2/BR2QbP1/6q1/1B2K3 b - - 0&width=700&height=460" width="700" height="460" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Link to the full-screen diagram:
http://chessforeva.appspot.com/C0_dg.htm?fen=2r3k1/P2R1p1p/2r1p1pP/8/5P2/BR2QbP1/6q1/1B2K3 b
Add &view=top to get top-view mode, like here

Steps to put it in PDF document made on Zoho web-sites.

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