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pirmdiena, 2009. gada 6. jūlijs

Chessforeva PGN viewer sample

The PGN viewer sample is here.
It is just a demo of javascript code that may be used.

Chess game may be presented as a web link.
The generator for link is here:

Use the tool for chess tournaments for portions of games.

There are two ways for a chess game to generate a web link (url) for Chessforeva's viewers, sliders, diagrams, worksheets, etc.:
1. create a parameter g=1.e4_e5_2.Nf3 (that's ok for short games, then better use sheets);
2. save the game, get the new key (k), and just give this key k=....(number) to the right application.
This is the site where You can do it.
Just use the information in generated links -
with understanding about what You are doing :D

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