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ceturtdiena, 2015. gada 5. februāris

c64 chess project

Commodore 64 is a hit-console of 80s.

c64hess.d64   - app for solving very known collection of chess puzzles (book) by  László Polgár in 1994. The player checkmates king in 1,2 or 3 moves by using cursor keys and collects +bonus points. 4440 puzzles collection is large enough for good chess training course.

jsC64hess is an online emulated javascript version of puzzles, uses http://c64emulator.111mb.de emulator.
Another online version, thanks to http://vice.janicek.co, but 3Mb large and not so fast, anyway works.

How to play:
  1. install emulator for c64;
  2. download .d64 floppy image file;
  3. open in emulator
  •  VICE (the most advanced);
  •  CCS65 (has video recording inside);
  •  Hyper64 (the fastest c64 implementation).
Project source code available at  https://github.com/Chessforeva/c64hess .
Incredible compiler cc65 brings coding to high c-level for this "8-bit calculator" device, no need to write asm-code. Project One helps painting pictures, LuaJIT and lua-code does data preparation work, c1541 tool creates floppy disk images.

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