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ceturtdiena, 2014. gada 27. marts

FreeBasic chess project

This FreeBasic chess program uses Crafty and Naum chess engines via DLL library, designed for UCI programming on Windows. User can play by mouse or set engines to battle each other. FreeBasic has good IDE editor, combined with GCC compiler that generates small and fast binary, unfortunately Win32. Anyway, it is BASIC!
Links: Windows installer and Source on GitHub

4 komentāri:

  1. Hi! Is it possible to the project can be extended to other site (http://free-basic.ru/), of course with a link to your blog? I'm putting together a good programs, writen in Freebasic.

    1. Yes, of course. FreeBasic is a very good programming tool. Fast and simple executable in result for scripting above c,c++ level. Also capable for chess programming. Should go 64bit :)
      Best regards,

    2. Thanks, already posted the program. And under Linux it is expected?

    3. Nope, not for linux. I know, there are FB linux ports, but...
      Then for android maybe, which is based on linux :)