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svētdiena, 2013. gada 10. marts

Java MIDlet chess project for s40 s60 phones

112px chess board
Size 62Kb (.jad file)
suited for ~128 disp.
For old phones:

64px chess board
Size 56Kb (.jad file)
No chess opening book.

176px chess board
Size 66Kb (.jad file)
suited for ~176 disp.

Uses Fruit port to java (sources of .java files) with small book.
MIDP 1.0 (also 2.0,2.1 compatible) java framework, keyboard+touchscreen chess controller, adjustable AI thinking time in standard menu.


176, 240, 360px chess boards
Size 178Kb (.jad file)
The latest version for
javaME phones.
It might work on oldies too.
Pinch-to-zoom on HD screens, if supported by device, sorry.

Developed on Eclipse Indigo (with JavaMe plugin), JavaMe SDK, Sun's Wireless ToolKit, various emulators, ProGuard obfuscator. Also docs and other java projects helped very much.
Thanks to free web sources, forums and helpful advices of experts.

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