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svētdiena, 2012. gada 29. janvāris

C# chess engines

There are lots of C,C++ chess engines, but only a few are written in C# (C-charp). So, I've collected best sources that I know in a small Silverlight project (MS Studio 2010). Pure .cs files. Opening books are c-sharped inside the code. Engines are configured for demo only, don't make conclusions which one is better. Take it as world wonders, and only after as UCI engines. There is also FelpoII project, but I couldn't get it working by single click - it requires unsafe compiling mode.
Thanks to all authors: Valil C#, Garbo C#, Lousy C# , and also for OliThink and Cuckoo source.
Really good chess programs for Silverlight, or Unity, or just for other Microsoft based projects.

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