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sestdiena, 2011. gada 19. novembris

MS SmallBasic chess

This article is about BASIC-programming.

Chess code (program ID: SJQ481) written in MS SmallBasic.
Of course, list of features:
  • chess engine (depth=1move+answer ) - ok
  • castling, en-passant, promotions - ok
  • presentation mode - autoplay AI vs AI
  • playing by mouse mode, even takeback
  • Web silverlight version and locally from Smallbasic.
  • PGN, FEN standards
  • no UCI, no Rybka compatible
Feel free to advance it for hexagonals, bughouses and other chess versions.


  1. Vielen Dank für wertvolle Informationen. Nizza Post. Ich war sehr erfreut, diesen Beitrag. Das ganze Blog ist sehr schön fand einige gute Sachen und gute Informationen hier Danke .. Besuchen Sie auch meine Seite schach spielen

  2. I cannot get the images to display--can I have the link so that I may redirect it to an offline version. Currently I get an error when trying to get the images off the internet!

    1. I don't know why the online version ignores images. But I don't care much :)
      Maybe it is because of .gif format, maybe site can't cache images somehow. The local case works ok.

  3. "http://chessforeva.appspot.com/d_img" : 404 Not Found!

  4. Thanks for the images--it's now offline!As for the prog,it doesn't display images still,I tried everyting--installing SB 1.2,& changing it to PNG etc. I think it's a prob /w my SB--it doesn't respond to button clicks either.Can you re-check the code & see if everything is alright,or a possible fix?I hope I'm not asking for much--right now the prog displays captions (one character) to identify pieces.I hope I can fix it to get it to work!

  5. Okay it worked!!I kept it on for a little while,manipulated the path and hey presto!

  6. Thank you for the demonstration chess! In which directory do you need to store images?

    1. Images are hosted on a web server. The app reads it from internet. I think, it could be placed in folder, but then You have to modify the path in the basic's program source (look for ch_ImgSrc).