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otrdiena, 2011. gada 11. janvāris

Unreal 2 Runtime Chess Box

This is a chess fun project based on Unreal Editor 2 Runtime. UnrealEd2 is an internal Map editor provided for game modding (3D map editing) for Epic games (Killing Floor, UT2003/2004, and others). So, gamers could modify or create own game levels. The tool was so successful that was used widely for 3D underground developments, just like this project too...
Downloadable version is here.
Unzip and just start a .bat-file.

Chess AI is a fake (for animation only) as native C is unaccessible in this demo.

For the most possible source for chess engine based on interpreted language, as unrealscript is, I would highly recommend take a look at Gary Linscott's personal page.
Update 03.07.2011: GarboChess port to unrealscript done by me (but limited by runaway loop iterations limit, eh...).
His javascript chess is quite strong and very understandable. Other sources are too much c-code or just very weak.
Before doing such a code transfers to other languages, check the long 64-bit number type support by programming language (before start any coding), bitwises, array pointers (does it start from 0 or 1), memory object dynamic creation possibilities (for hash table), the presence of basic operators and functions, as there are script languages only to trigger collisions for goblins, spawn game objects or manage spells.


Of course, UDK (the successor) is the leading game development platform which can be used for self made 3D games now. Much better quality then this.
Anyway, got incredibly fast rendering of chess board in Quake/HL style :)

For those who like to use chess code for UDK projects:
c0_chess_Controller.uc - sample gives on startup this log file without any compilation warning on UDK aug.2010 version.
Can't explain details on UDK usage, modify as needed.

And legacy UT2003 script:
chess .uc Commandlet library. Download, unzip and run the .bat file to see it working in cmd.

The Sample of unrealscript does chess moves, sets position according to FEN, analyses PGN chess notation, verifies checkmates, stalemates etc.

Of course, modify the class for mutators, pawns, controllers or others game objects or artists...

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