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ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 14. jūlijs

Chess engines battling in browser

Chess tournament for browser based chess engines that use javascript, flash, java, silverlight, etc.

Demo battle

If You like to write a chess program, for example, in javascript then use this option:
give additional parameters:
(1-5) engine to battle with - two javascripts, flash, silverlight, java;
name of your engine;
link to 3D board which player controller to be captured.
Link for example

For Your first chess program, written in javascript, there is a simple and working "hello world" template (click view source) , and a test game with an expert program. Save the page of the template locally and modify the script source of chess engine function. Of course, it works even from desktop. If You like to battle vs other chess programs, You should place it on any web-server and provide e_url= to demo code, as written above, and the program will run without any limitation of security. As an example, this mirror runs on somewhere hosted site: game for a template.

Tutorials on javascript connections with java, flash, silverlight (C#).
For very beginners, the javascript programming tutorial.

There is also a browser connector to UCI chess engine described here (as stockfish).

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