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otrdiena, 2009. gada 4. augusts

Chessforeva for blogs

Put this code in HTML section of Your blog and adjust game number (k=....):

<iframe src="http://chessforeva.appspot.com/C0_pgn_url.htm?k=51453&back=no&width=700&height=460" width="700" height="460" frameborder="0"></iframe>

The size is optimal. The large case is shown below.

The link to game (to get k=....) should be generated here.
(or use g=... for short games).

If You are using Blogger - do as written above.
Wordpress.com and many others disable iframes and javascripts. You should enable these features first, otherwise this library for chess publishing is useless.

<iframe src="http://chessforeva.appspot.com/C0_pgn_url.htm?k=93002&back=no&width=700&height=1120" width="700" height="1120" frameborder="0"></iframe>

This library searches moves in comments.
If You like annotations, don't use variants inside variants - no recursions.
Just write comments like:
{23. ... Na6 24. e4 and position for white looks great}{23 ... 0-0 - better move}

<iframe src="http://chessforeva.appspot.com/C0_pgn_url.htm?back=no&width=700&height=500&dh=80&g=[White_Zvjaginsev][Black_Wolfgang_Humer]
[Event_Loosdorf,_1993][FEN_3R4/rr2pp1k/1p1p1np1/1B1Pq2p/1P2P3/5P2/3Q2PP/2R3K1_w_-_-_0_1]1.Rh8+_Kxh8_2.Qh6+_Kg8_3.Rc8+_Ne8_4.Rxe8x_(1..._Kg7_2.Qh6x)_1:0" width="700" height="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>

<iframe frameborder="0" height="660" src="http://chessforeva.appspot.com/C0_pgn_url.htm?k=53433&view=top&2D=no&back=no&width=600&height=660&dh=150" width="600"></iframe>

Parameters explained:
  • width, height - size in pixels of window for the presentation
  • dh - size in pixels for pgn-text of game (yellow background)
  • back=no - just not to show the Back option
  • view=top -viewpoint from above, not from side
  • 2D=no - not to display 2D-board

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