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svētdiena, 2009. gada 26. jūlijs

Chessforeva for chess tournaments

Read the newer article at first -
in case You are hosting a .pgn file on the net.

Use this tool to generate list of 3D watchable
chess games for chess tournaments from PGN sources.
Place a short link on your site in result.

(use text+small board viewers for long annotations and variants; this 3D viewer takes much viewable space and is not designed for variants in variants at all)

1. Internet Explorer is slow for this tool.
Google Chrome/Firefox are much faster for javascript.

2. The result will be hosted on Google App Engine.
3. Max 2000 games on one link.
4. If You like to divide data by rounds or rewrite
many times each day- do it.
Google hosts everything and there are no limits.
5. Don't move away while sending games to the server! (use tabs)
6. The process does sorting by events, then by rounds.
7. You can take data directly from a web link.
There is 1Mb limit for such feature.

The whole listing of all tournaments in this database is here.

2 komentāri:

  1. Hello Chessforeva
    My name is Dan.
    I have www.chessplayer.ro
    I like "Chessforeva for chess tournaments"
    very much. I want to install it on my chess web site. Can you send me the source code?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi,Grebla! I'm glad You find it interesting. Unfortunately all the source is heavily based on Google App Engine, except javascript in browser. So, it is impossible to set up on other server.
      My idea was to get "tournament by link" that allow people to post just by email, tweets or simply put it in blog. In fact this is a bit "crap" if compared, for example, to Chesstempo's. I mean, takes lots of space on screen, lags on tablets and mobiles, and sometimes even can't parse some pgn-s.
      If You like, use it, but it is not worth spend time trying avoid old code bugs.
      I hope, next my try will be better.
      Best regards,